Spiritual Growth

Posted Aug 10, 2022

Should We Emulate the Table Flipping Jesus?

In response to a recent article I wrote on how to love our political and ideological enemies, a reader responded, “We are...
Posted Aug 04, 2022

Who Deserves Death by Divine Judgment?

Is it true that the Bible singles out certain sinners as being worthy of death? Absolutely. But the list is a lot longer...
Posted Aug 03, 2022

The Parable of the Cancer Pill that No Longer Cured Cancer

In the year 2015, as the story is told, a renowned scientist discovered a cure for cancer after more than 30 years of...
Posted Jul 25, 2022

How Standing for Righteousness in This World Can Prepare Us to Rule in the World to Come

I recently explained how suffering in this world can prepare us for the world to come, as our character is conformed more...
Posted Jul 18, 2022

What Is ‘Progressive Christianity’?

I was recently asked to debate whether “progressive Christianity” (henceforth PC) was “another religion” (meaning, a...
Posted Jul 16, 2022

A Heartfelt Thank You to My Atheist Readers

Towards the end of the first week of July, a number of websites carried my article titled, “Some Honest Questions for...
Posted Jul 13, 2022

Let the Spirit of Faith Arise for the Transformation of America

We have already addressed the legal question of whether the overturning of Roe could lead to the overturning of Obergefell....
Posted Jul 05, 2022

Some Honest Questions for Atheists

If you consider yourself an atheist today, or if you considered yourself an atheist in the past, I’d love to ask you some...
Posted Jun 19, 2022

God the Father Has a Day

As we think about Father’s Day, I’m drawn this year to think about the day our heavenly Father has in store. It will be a...
Posted Jun 18, 2022

Which of These Three Christians Does More Spiritual Harm?

Allow me to introduce you to three, contemporary professing Christians, each of whom represents a composite picture rather...
Posted Jun 13, 2022

If There Is No God, Can Free Will Truly Exist?

If God does not exist, then, quite obviously, concepts such as divine destiny or divine purpose do not exist. But what about...
Posted Jun 08, 2022

Why Every Generation Must Have Its Own Experience with God

According to the book of Joshua, “Israel served the LORD throughout the lifetime of Joshua and of the elders who outlived...
Posted Jun 05, 2022

I Want to Be a Torch!

Speaking of John the Baptizer, Jesus said, “He was a burning and shining lamp, and you were willing to rejoice for a while...
Posted May 23, 2022

As Evangelical Christians, We Are Bringing Reproach to the Name of Jesus

When the children of Israel were in exile, scattered from their homeland because of their sin and with the holy temple in...
Posted May 22, 2022

How Compromised Preaching Is Contributing to Our Cultural Rot

For many years, I have stated that a major reason America is so messed up is that much of the American Church is also messed...
Posted May 17, 2022

‘You Are the Salt of the Earth’

In one of the most famous passages in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said to His disciples (and, by extension, to His...
Posted May 16, 2022

The Naysayers Will be Forgotten

Here’s a little Bible quiz for you. Name for me the 10 Israelite leaders who were sent by Moses to spy out the land of...
Posted Apr 29, 2022

Pastors, You Cannot Be Silent

If you have accepted God’s calling on your life to serve His people as a shepherd and a leader, then you have my respect. I...
Posted Apr 21, 2022

What Does It Mean To Be An Apostle?

Posted Apr 18, 2022

Were Adam and Eve Actually Cannabis Plants?

Posted Apr 16, 2022

Substitutionary Atonement: Jesus Died for Us

The prophet Isaiah said it so beautifully, hundreds of years before Jesus’ death: “We all, like sheep, have gone astray,...
Posted Apr 13, 2022

Why Did the New Testament Writers Often Quote the Greek Septuagint Instead of the Hebrew?

Posted Apr 03, 2022

April 14 Is National Not Ashamed of Jesus Day!

Mark this date on your calendar: April 14. Circle it and highlight it, not just this year, but every year. I’ll explain why...
Posted Mar 22, 2022

Christian Leaders, Please Do Not Publicly Celebrate Your Liberty to Drink

I do not write this article to throw stones. I write it to save lives. That’s why I make this heartfelt (and anguished) plea...
Posted Mar 21, 2022

When Jealousy for the Honor of the Lord Drives You to Your Knees

One of the things that sparks revival movements is a holy jealousy for the reputation and honor of the Lord. His name is...
Posted Mar 04, 2022

Did the Prophet Ezekiel Predict Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine?

According to Pat Robertson, Vladimir Putin is being “compelled by God” to invade Ukraine. Indeed, “He went into the Ukraine...
Posted Feb 22, 2022

Debunking the Latest Myth About the Name YHWH

Posted Feb 20, 2022

A University Professor’s Sobering Picture of Christianity in America Today

George Yancey (PhD, University of Texas) is a professor of sociology at Baylor University and the author of a number of...
Posted Feb 07, 2022

To the ‘Holy Ones’ in Corinth: Insights into How God’s See the Church

We are often in the habit of reading the Bible without paying attention to what we’re reading. The words are so familiar...
Posted Feb 03, 2022

Calling Out Professors Who Endorse Adult-Child Sex

Posted Feb 02, 2022

If You Love Brady Goodwin Watch This

Posted Jan 25, 2022

The Christian Life Can Be Messy and Disappointing, But I Refuse to Become a Cynic

Coming to faith as a Jewish teenager in 1971, the whole church world was totally foreign to me, both culturally and...
Posted Jan 23, 2022

Responding to the Latest Christian Leader to Renounce His Faith

As reported by Josh Shepherd on the Roys Report, “Brady ‘Phanatik’ Goodwin, founding member of Grammy-nominated Christian...
Posted Jan 21, 2022

Never Forget That the Gospel Is Made for Hard Times

Jeremiah the prophet had a very difficult life. He was called by God at a young age – most likely as a teen – yet was...
Posted Jan 15, 2022

Is Our God No Different than the ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’?

The mocking term “Flying Spaghetti Monster” was invented back in 2005 by a physics grad named Bobby Henderson, protesting...
Posted Jan 07, 2022

The Significant Deaths of 2021 and Times of Transition in the Bible

The year 2021 ended with a string of highly significant, unexpected deaths. Is there a spiritual meaning to these deaths? Is...
Posted Dec 27, 2021

Christian Leaders in North America, It Is Not Time for a Pity Party

There is no denying that the last few years have been increasingly difficult for Christians and Christian ministries in...
Posted Dec 20, 2021

The Incarnation Tells Me The Most Important Thing I Need to Know About God

For the last 50 years, as a Jewish believer in Jesus, I have interacted with Jewish rabbis and scholars, all of whom have a...
Posted Dec 17, 2021

It Was 50 Years Ago Today That Jesus Transformed My Life!

It was 50 years ago today that Jesus saved me from my sins. Fifty years! I am beyond amazed that I can even write these...
Posted Nov 18, 2021

Get Used to the Heat and Get in the Kitchen

You’ve heard the saying, “If you don’t like the heat, then get out of the kitchen.” Well, that only works if you’re not...
Posted Nov 07, 2021

A Holy Jealousy for the Reputation of the Lord

Revival is often birthed when we get to a place of spiritual desperation, when we are sick and tired of the way we are...
Posted Oct 29, 2021

Our Mother Who Art in Heaven?

A pastoral friend contacted me recently, concerned about a doctrinal deviation he was witnessing among some of his...
Posted Oct 18, 2021

Should We Cut These Verses About Unity Out of Our Bible?

If there is one thing that seems spiritually certain it is that the Church will always be divided. Our factions and...
Posted Oct 11, 2021

I Refuse to Accept the Current State of the Church

I refuse to accept that the Church as we know it in America and the West is the very best the Church will ever be. I refuse...
Posted Sep 13, 2021

No, It Is Not Cognitive Dissonance to Proclaim That God Is Good When Things Go Bad

There are some people who live in denial, and no amount of facts can convince them otherwise. To the contrary, the more...
Posted Sep 08, 2021

Harvard's New Chaplain Is An Atheist

Posted Aug 31, 2021

When This 16-Year-Old Indian Pastor Refused to Back Down He Was Severely Burned with Acid

It’s one thing to hear reports about our brothers and sisters around the world being persecuted for their faith. It’s...
Posted Aug 18, 2021

No Time for Passivity

It is 11:45 PM Tuesday night as I sit here in front of my computer, having just responded to some emails and after finishing...
Posted Aug 18, 2021

No Salvation Without Repentance

Posted Aug 15, 2021

Pied Piper Preachers and the Gospel of No Responsibility

A recent article (which I will not link here) proclaimed the salacious news that a Christian woman is stripping online (and...
Posted Aug 03, 2021

“Where Is Your Faith?”

The question was surprising, given the circumstances. The disciples were in a boat with Jesus, crossing a lake, when a...
Posted Jul 26, 2021

Son of Sam: Son of Hope

Posted Jul 24, 2021

What’s So Bad About Encouraging Female Modesty?

There is no doubt that many Christians were injured by the so-called Purity Culture movement, however well-intentioned it...
Posted Jul 20, 2021

The Ongoing Intersection of the Gospel with Culture

Three years ago, I conducted a poll on Facebook asking, “Should pastors and Christian leaders just preach the gospel, or...
Posted Jul 19, 2021

The Importance of Being Grounded in God's Love

Posted Jul 09, 2021

Is Religion the Opiate of the Masses?

Posted Jul 07, 2021

These Black Lives Matter in Nigeria!

Posted Jun 25, 2021

Around The World With Dr. Brown

Posted Jun 24, 2021

What Does it Mean to Be a Disciple?

Posted Jun 21, 2021

Is There Biblical Support For Astrology?

Posted Jun 20, 2021

Knowing God as a Forgiving Father

As many of you know, before I came to faith in Jesus in late 1971 as a 16-year-old, Jewish, hippie rock drummer, I was a...
Posted Jun 15, 2021

Do Not Assume that the Kindness of God Is a Sign of His Blessing and Favor

There is a fascinating passage in 2 Kings which tells us that, even during a time of idolatry and disobedience in Israel,...
Posted Jun 15, 2021

Can Christians Be Superstitious?

Posted Jun 11, 2021

If God Does Not Exist Then Injustice Does Not Exist

I recently had a friendly online debate with a former Muslim known as Apostate Prophet (called AP for short). The subject...
Posted Jun 11, 2021

Why I Removed the Noahide Law Debate From YouTube

Posted Jun 10, 2021

Complementarianism vs. Egalitarianism

Posted Jun 09, 2021

Not Enough Fingers to Plug Up All the Holes in the Dike

If you are actively involved in the culture wars, trying to stem the tide of moral decline, you can often feel like the boy...
Posted Jun 08, 2021

Does Luck Exist?

Posted Jun 04, 2021

A Recipe For Fried Christian: An Interview With Dennis Bambino

Posted Jun 01, 2021

How the Churches in India Are Responding to the COVID Calamity

If you have heard the horror stories from India during this second, deadly wave of COVID – stories of people dying in the...
Posted May 25, 2021

How Would LGBT People Get Help in Ancient Israel?

Posted May 23, 2021

Young, Divorced, Living Without Sex?

Posted May 21, 2021

God Is Not Discouraged

The Scriptures often speak of God being grieved or angry. But they never speak of Him being discouraged. That’s because...
Posted May 17, 2021

Prince Charming and the Snow White Scandal

Posted May 16, 2021

Have Mercy On Those Who Doubt

It is true that, in the Bible, Jesus often rebuked people for their doubts and unbelief. But that was because they have...
Posted May 11, 2021

Why Should an American Follow Jesus?

I once heard an Indian preacher who lived in America say, “In the USA, we tell people, ‘If you don’t have a job, follow...
Posted May 11, 2021

Has God Failed You?

If God of the Bible is who the Bible says He is, then, by His very nature, it’s impossible for Him to fail. Then why ask the...
Posted May 10, 2021

Did President Biden Forget About God?

Posted Apr 29, 2021

A Unified Call for Prophetic Accountability

Throughout the Bible, prophetic ministry played a central role to the point that, if you take it out of the Bible, you no...
Posted Apr 27, 2021

A Gay Activist Wants to Shut Down "The Pernicious Power of Prayer"

Posted Apr 19, 2021

An Apology to Dr. Brown

Posted Apr 16, 2021

Dr. Brown Responds to John Piper's Son About the Bible

Posted Apr 14, 2021

Why Has John Piper’s Son Become a Bible-Bashing Tik-Tok Star?

On a regular basis, we are hearing reports of high-profile Christian leaders renouncing their faith, most recently Dr. Paul...
Posted Apr 13, 2021

The Missing Lamb of Genesis 22

Posted Apr 11, 2021

How an Extreme Optimist and an Absolute Realist Process Life Together

Nancy and I have been married for 45 years. We are absolutely joined at the hip, totally united in our deepest faith...
Posted Apr 07, 2021

Loving God with All Our Hearts and All Our Minds

Earlier today (Tuesday, April 6), I had the distinct joy and privilege of recording four TV shows for a new series I’m...
Posted Apr 04, 2021

How the Death of a 20th Century Rabbi Helps Demonstrate the Reality of the Resurrection of Jesus

For many years, scholars and skeptics and psychologists and sociologists have told us that the disciples experienced a form...
Posted Mar 31, 2021

Lil Nas X Shouldn’t Play Games with the Devil

Posted Mar 28, 2021

The Role of the Church in Every Generation

We often think in exaggerated, absolute terms, as in, “The world is in the worst shape it has ever been. We must stem the...
Posted Mar 26, 2021

So Christians Can't Play Basketball Now?

Posted Mar 22, 2021

Burial or Cremation?

Posted Mar 01, 2021

Now Is the Time to Let Your Light Shine

For many years now, I’ve said that I’m not as much concerned with the presence of darkness in America as I am with the...
Posted Feb 23, 2021

Are You a Fool According to the Bible?

As defined by the Scriptures, a fool is not someone who is uneducated or a person with a low IQ. Rather, a fool is someone...
Posted Feb 21, 2021

Is It Biblical for a Husband to ‘Discipline’ His Wife?

Posted Feb 21, 2021

Time For A Great Reset In The Church

Posted Feb 18, 2021

Who or What Is a False Prophet?

As I have been addressing the failed Trump prophecies, some Christian leaders have challenged me, saying I am not going far...
Posted Feb 17, 2021

And They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Hate

Did you ever hear the song that begins with the words, “We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord”? The lyrics are...
Posted Feb 15, 2021

How Should We Respond to the Ravi Zacharias Scandal?

In the aftermath of the shocking and tragic news about Ravi Zacharias’s private life, one of our ministry school grads,...
Posted Feb 08, 2021

Don’t Despise Prophecy

Did you ever wonder why Paul wrote, “Do not despise prophecies,” or as others translate, “Do not treat prophecies with...
Posted Feb 03, 2021

When God Gives People Over to Delusion

There is a principle often found in the Bible wherein God gives people over to their sins and delusions if they refuse to...
Posted Jan 26, 2021

Dr. Brown Addresses Larry King's Lost Faith

Posted Jan 22, 2021

The Most Sickeningly Hypocritical Prayer I Have Ever Seen

All hypocrisy is ugly, but religious hypocrisy is especially ugly. That’s because we are putting on a show before the God...
Posted Jan 21, 2021

Words of Wisdom, Encouragement, and Correction

Posted Jan 18, 2021

If We Are to Be Hated, Let It Be for the Right Reason

On numerous occasions, Jesus promised us, His followers, that we would be hated. That is something we should expect and even...
Posted Jan 07, 2021

Can We At Least Agree On This?

The night before His crucifixion, Jesus prayed an extended prayer that is recorded in John 17. Far and away, it is the...
Posted Jan 04, 2021

Why I Can't Help a Closed-Minded Believer

Posted Jan 03, 2021

Why We Must Resist the War on Gender Distinctions

Posted Dec 26, 2020

The Most Outrageous Pardon of All Time

Some of the president’s recent pardons have elicited angry responses around the world. USA Today called the pardoning of the...
Posted Dec 21, 2020

Your Transformation Will Transform Others

Some of you were raised in the faith and, as far back as you can remember, you loved the Lord. Others, like me, were not...
Posted Dec 17, 2020

Miracles in the Midst of War Torn Iraq

Posted Dec 14, 2020

To My Prophetic Friends: You Were Either Right or You Were Wrong

This is not the time for flights of spiritual fantasy. Either the charismatic prophets who declared unanimously that Donald...
Posted Dec 08, 2020

What to Do with Your Righteous Indignation

Few things stir our emotions like seeing someone “get away with murder,” our way of referring to a devious person who did...
Posted Dec 05, 2020

Christians in Africa and India Remind Us Not to Get Sissified Here in America

There is no question that our most essential freedoms are under attack here in America. And there is no question that...
Posted Dec 02, 2020

How Jesus Saved A Lifelong Jehovah's Witness

Posted Dec 02, 2020

A Caller Is Upset With Dr. Brown's Even-Handed Tone

Posted Nov 22, 2020

Should We Call Down Fire on Our Enemies?

As the Church of America becomes increasingly divided along political lines, a dangerous tendency is developing. Our party...
Posted Nov 17, 2020

Recovering the Priority of the Gospel

When it comes to our greatest priority as followers of Jesus in this world, it this simply this: we are here to know God and...
Posted Nov 13, 2020

What Is A Torah Observant Christian?

Posted Nov 11, 2020

But God

They are two of the most powerful words in the Bible, words that change everything. One moment, there is despondency and...
Posted Nov 03, 2020

This Too-Spiritual Caller Butchers The Bible

Posted Oct 21, 2020

What is Holiness?

Posted Oct 19, 2020

Put The Word First, News Second

Posted Oct 14, 2020

Is Infant Baptism Biblical?

Posted Oct 12, 2020

'You are Gods' John 10:34 Explained

Posted Oct 11, 2020

Priorities, Values, Investments

Guest article By Dr. M. John Cava “Are the things you are living for worth Christ’s dying for.” - Leonard Ravenhill’s...
Posted Oct 07, 2020

A Caller Asks How Jesus Fulfilled the Law

Posted Oct 02, 2020

Lift Up Your Eyes

If you’re looking for cutting-edge, political analysis, this is not the article for you. If you’re looking for the latest...
Posted Oct 01, 2020

The Most Compelling Messianic Prophecy in the Bible

Posted Sep 30, 2020

Why Was Jesus Accused of Blasphemy?

Posted Sep 30, 2020

What Can We Learn About God through Creation?

Posted Sep 18, 2020

Put the Cross Before the Flag

Posted Sep 01, 2020

Advice for a 16-Year-Old Believer

Posted Aug 20, 2020

The Danger of Self Deception

Posted Aug 16, 2020

‘Kamikaze Academics’ and a Cardinal, Revolutionary Principle of Jesus

The teachings of Jesus are filled with paradoxes, but none is more paradoxical than this: “whoever would save his life will...
Posted Aug 13, 2020

The Latest #1 Song Underscores Why We Need a Moral and Cultural Revolution

I’m quite aware that hip hop and rap lyrics have long been sexually explicit and vulgar. And I’m quite aware, that already...
Posted Aug 09, 2020

Spiritual, Moral, Cultural, Political: Useful Guidelines for Pastors and Preachers

One of our most popular videos encourages pastors to speak out more on moral and cultural issues. And a poll I recently...
Posted Aug 05, 2020

Honor Your Father and Mother

Posted Aug 04, 2020

Why I'm Not King James Only

Posted Aug 04, 2020

Then They Burned the Bibles

It’s no surprise that rioters in Portland burned Bibles this past weekend. As we’ve said for weeks now, the spirit behind...
Posted Jul 29, 2020

Beware the Hyper-Critics

Posted Jul 27, 2020

We Boast in the Lord, Not in Ourselves

Posted Jul 27, 2020

No Time for Cowardice

According to the book of Revelation, “the cowardly,” along with a host of other sinners, like murderers and the sexually...
Posted Jul 23, 2020

Time to Stop Sniping at Each Other with Friendly Fire

Posted Jul 23, 2020

What Is Transubstantiation?

Posted Jul 21, 2020

The End of Four-Wall Christianity

It will be great when we can gather together again in our church buildings, freely and without restriction, to worship and...
Posted Jun 29, 2020

Living in Revolutionary Times

Posted Jun 29, 2020

Jon Steingard Highlights from That's Debatable

Posted Jun 22, 2020

Does the Death of the Wicked Atone for Sin?

Posted Jun 03, 2020

A Divine Perspective on the Protests and the Riots

Many observers are comparing the year 2020 with 1968, the year that Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated, leading to...
Posted May 29, 2020

Why Is It Big News When a Christian Rocker Loses His Faith?

It would be one thing if a famous pastor renounced his faith or if a greatly loved worship leader said she no longer...
Posted May 24, 2020

How One Church In India Provided More Than 3 Million Meals During the Pandemic

The story is remarkable, to the glory of God. It is a story that needs to be told. But first, for some background. I first...
Posted May 23, 2020

No, Prof. Pinker, Belief in the Afterlife Is Not a ‘Malignant Delusion’

On May 20, an op-ed in the Washington Post claimed that evangelical Christians were behind the Republican push to reopen the...
Posted May 19, 2020

What Is God Saying Through COVID-19?

Posted May 13, 2020

Should Churches Start Meeting Again?

Posted May 11, 2020

God Hates Unequal Weights and Measures

Are the women who accused Donald Trump of sexual assault telling the truth? What about Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers? What...
Posted May 05, 2020

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Posted May 02, 2020

When Christian Love Is Called ‘Selfish Christofascism’

When I bemoaned the fact that Anderson Cooper’s son would not have the benefit of being raised by his mother, I was not...
Posted May 01, 2020

The Holy Spirit Is More Than Tongues and Prophecy

Posted Apr 30, 2020

John Michael Talbot Explains the New Birth

Posted Apr 30, 2020

The Danish Translation That Removes Israel from the New Testament

By now you may have heard about the shocking, new Danish “translation” of the Bible that virtually wipes out “Israel” from...
Posted Apr 28, 2020

An Urgent Covid-19 Warning From Brooklyn

Posted Apr 27, 2020

Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Posted Apr 27, 2020

This New Poll Could Raise Serious Concerns for American Pentecostals and Charismatics

A new Barna poll points to a dramatic drop in biblical beliefs among American Pentecostals and Charismatics. If the findings...
Posted Apr 26, 2020

What First Century Christians Could Teach Us Today

Growing up in a country like America where we get to vote and influence the government, it’s difficult to imagine what it...
Posted Apr 22, 2020

The Prophets Didn’t Try to Be Popular

Posted Apr 21, 2020

What Does it Mean to Put God to the Test?

Posted Apr 21, 2020

What Does The Bible Say About Generosity?

Posted Apr 21, 2020

Now Is the Time to Preach Endurance Not Escape

Living in America, it is easy to develop a theology of escape, one that says, “When times really get hard, God will remove...
Posted Apr 20, 2020

What Does Discipleship Look Like During the Coronavirus?

Posted Apr 20, 2020

What is the Spirit Saying to the Church Through the Coronavirus?

Posted Apr 17, 2020

‘Do Not Put the Lord Your God to the Test’

You’ve heard these words before, taken from the Book of Deuteronomy. They are especially well known because Jesus quoted...
Posted Apr 17, 2020

Some Practical Thoughts on Contemporary Prophetic Ministry

I believe deeply in prophetic ministry today. I believe God still speaks to and through His children. And I believe that...
Posted Apr 16, 2020

The Shutdown, the Sabbath, and a Weekly Divine Reset

As inconvenient as this period of enforced shutdown has been, it has also been a time of reflection, a time of growth, a...
Posted Apr 14, 2020

Can You Prove That Jesus Rose From The Dead?

Posted Apr 14, 2020

How Did the Fall Affect Humanity?

Posted Apr 10, 2020

Is It Possible For a Person's Name To Be Erased From The Book Of Life?

Posted Apr 10, 2020

We All Need Saving

As a boy growing up in New York City, I often took the subway with my father. At one of our most frequent stops, two words...
Posted Apr 08, 2020

Do You Deserve to Go to Heaven?

Posted Apr 08, 2020

Do You Deserve to Go to Heaven?

Posted Apr 06, 2020

How Should Believers Pray During A Global Pandemic?

Posted Apr 02, 2020

Getting God’s Perspective on the Current Crisis

It is terrible to hear of thousands of people dying, including a bishop, pastor, and elder in the same city. It is terrible...
Posted Mar 31, 2020

10-Year-Old Caller: How Was God Created?

Posted Mar 30, 2020

WARNING: Presumptive Faith Can Be Fatal

Posted Mar 30, 2020

Words of Faith and Encouragement for Health Workers During a Pandemic

Posted Mar 21, 2020

Should We Lay Hands On Someone With the Coronavirus?

Posted Mar 20, 2020

Porn to the Rescue?

Talk about a perverse response. Talk about the exact opposite of what we need to be doing during a pandemic. Talk about...
Posted Mar 18, 2020

People of God, Seize the Moment!

Posted Mar 17, 2020

Standing Up for Truth in this Generation

Posted Mar 16, 2020

Reflections on the Mercy of God After the National Day of Prayer

It is true that God is a righteous Judge who will one day pour out His wrath on a rebellious world. But the overwhelming...
Posted Mar 16, 2020

Overcoming the Spirit of Fear

Posted Mar 16, 2020

Dr. Brown Gives Thanks On His 65th Birthday

Posted Mar 10, 2020

Why is Satan Released After the Millennial Reign of Jesus?

Posted Mar 05, 2020

Is the ‘7 Mountains Mandate’ Biblical or Heretical?

Have you heard of the “7 Mountains Mandate”? If so, do you think it’s a commonsense application of biblical principles? Or...
Posted Mar 02, 2020

Does God Forgive Unforgiveness?

Posted Mar 01, 2020

Putting the Culture Wars in a Multigenerational Perspective

It’s the question I’ve heard now for many years, specifically from evangelical Christians. “Since the world is only getting...
Posted Feb 26, 2020

Resist the Devil

Posted Feb 21, 2020

Is the Sinner's Prayer Biblical?

Posted Feb 18, 2020

What’s Wrong with Christians Trying to Change the World?

I personally do not believe that the whole world will become “Christian” (in the best sense of the word) before Jesus...
Posted Feb 14, 2020

The Dangers of Bearing False Witness

Posted Feb 14, 2020

Hyper-Critics: Hillsong, Bethel Worship Music is Worse than Abortion

Posted Feb 13, 2020

Can You Pass the Doctrinal Purity Test of the Hyper-Critics?

Posted Feb 12, 2020

Bearing False Witness Against Your Neighbor Is a Serious Sin

There’s a very disturbing trend in the Body today. I call it hyper-criticism. To be sure, there’s nothing new about it....
Posted Feb 07, 2020

Church Discipline

Posted Feb 04, 2020

Should We Boycott the Super Bowl?

Posted Feb 03, 2020

Why Are We Shocked at the Latest Raunchy Halftime Show?

Posted Jan 31, 2020

When the Church Apologizes for Speaking Against Extra-Marital Sex

If you read the Bible cover to cover, you’ll see there is no ambiguity when it comes to extra-marital sex. Simply stated, it...
Posted Jan 24, 2020

Is the Holy Spirit a Person?

Posted Jan 20, 2020

If God is Sovereign, What Difference Do Our Choices Make?

Posted Jan 18, 2020

Whatever Happened to Upbeat Praise Songs?

As I write these words, I’m listening to some beautiful, slow worship music. How wonderful! How glorious! How many times I...
Posted Jan 17, 2020

America Is Far More Christian Than We Realize

One week ago, I met with an old friend who was born in America but who has spent almost all of his life in Italy. He was...
Posted Jan 15, 2020

Why Are There So Many Gen Z Atheists?

I was recently asked to comment on a 2018 Barna poll which revealed some disturbing, although not surprising trends. “It may...
Posted Jan 09, 2020

Should Women Teach in the Church?

Posted Jan 06, 2020

How to Respond When Christian Leaders Fall

Posted Jan 06, 2020

Are Oneness Pentecostals Saved?

Posted Jan 03, 2020

My Final Statement on the Todd Bentley Investigation, January 3, 2020

Now that the leadership panel has released its statement, I wanted to explain my own role in the process. In short, while I...
Posted Jan 02, 2020

Official Statement from the Leadership Panel on Todd Bentley, January 2, 2020

As followers of Jesus, we delight in God’s mercy and grace and believe in the power of restoration and forgiveness. At the...
Posted Dec 26, 2019

The Evangelical Elites vs the Evangelical Deplorables: An Attempt at Mediation

I have no desire to minimize the growing divide that exists between pro-Trump and anti-Trump evangelicals, nor is it my...
Posted Dec 26, 2019

Is Anyone Beyond Redemption?

Posted Dec 20, 2019

Where are the Evangelists?

Posted Dec 17, 2019

Are There Prophets Today?

Posted Dec 14, 2019

The Gospel in India vs the Gospel in America

I recently returned from my 27th trip to India, and as always, I was moved by the devotion of the believers there to the...
Posted Dec 10, 2019

Why I'm Not Catholic

Posted Dec 06, 2019

Two More Christian Martyrs in India

You might never know their names. But you need to hear their stories. Two more pastors have been killed for their faith in...
Posted Dec 06, 2019

Why Faith is Foundational

Posted Dec 02, 2019

Why the Maccabees Aren't in the Bible

Posted Nov 28, 2019

Be Thankful!

Posted Nov 28, 2019

Stay Thankful

It’s true that yesterday was an official American holiday called Thanksgiving. And it’s true that, on this day, many...
Posted Nov 27, 2019

Where is Heaven?

Posted Nov 25, 2019

Is it Wrong to Read the NIV?

Posted Nov 25, 2019

Christian , Don’t Let Your People Down

Our ministry recently received a moving email from the aunt of a young man who died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of...
Posted Nov 21, 2019

Can you Talk to your Dearly Departed Loved Ones?

Posted Nov 20, 2019

Should We Meet in House Churches?

Posted Nov 19, 2019

Jezebel Personified Today

Posted Nov 18, 2019

Are Women Oppressed in Churches?

Special Note from Dr. Brown. We are frequently asked about the role of women in ministry. Can women preach or teach? Only to...
Posted Nov 15, 2019

The Personification of the Spirit of Jezebel

How does Jesus feel when an Episcopalian priest, someone ordained to represent His name, is a well-known champion of...
Posted Nov 05, 2019

Should Rich Christians Give Away All Their Money?

What are the social responsibilities of wealthy Christians? Must they prove their loyalty to the Lord by selling their...
Posted Nov 04, 2019

Can Taking Communion Be Detrimental to Your Health?

When I addressed the question of a Catholic priest refusing communion to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, I took...
Posted Nov 04, 2019

Christian Support of Kanye Branded 'Racist'

Posted Nov 04, 2019

What Does It Means To Make Disciples?

Posted Oct 30, 2019

Has Anyone Ever Seen God?

Posted Oct 30, 2019

How Jesus Divides and Unites Families: And Prayers for Kanye and Kim

The words are striking and unexpected. Did Jesus, the Prince of Peace, really say this? As recorded in Matthew, the Lord...
Posted Oct 28, 2019

Is the Nicene Creed Biblical?

Posted Oct 14, 2019

Are the 'Seven Deadly Sins' Biblical?

Posted Oct 10, 2019

Are Jehovahs Witnesses Christians?

Posted Oct 08, 2019

What Does it Mean to 'Repent and Believe'?

Posted Oct 07, 2019

Can You be a Mason and a Follower of Jesus?

Posted Oct 07, 2019

What the Bible Says About Angel Worship

Posted Oct 04, 2019

Why Im Not Dogmatic on the Creation Account

Posted Oct 01, 2019

The Problem of Suffering

Posted Sep 30, 2019

Does Your Religious Upbringing Determine Your Faith?

Posted Sep 28, 2019

Are Mormons Christians?

Posted Sep 27, 2019

What is New Jerusalem in Revelation?

Posted Sep 25, 2019

How We Can Help Celebrity Christians

Back in the 1990s, while preaching in Finland, my translator told me a sad story. He had watched with concern as a number of...
Posted Sep 25, 2019

What is Biblical Meditation?

Posted Sep 24, 2019

I Confess to Eating Plants!

Posted Sep 23, 2019

Is Religion the Cause of Most Wars?

Posted Sep 23, 2019

Beware the Snare of Superstar Christianity

No matter how much God uses a man or woman and no matter how anointed and gifted they may be, we must always remember that...
Posted Sep 20, 2019

Who are the 144000 in the Book of Revelation?

Posted Sep 16, 2019

Can Deceased Loved Ones Appear to Us?

Posted Sep 16, 2019

Why Read the Boring Parts of the Bible?

Posted Sep 13, 2019

Is Suicide the Unpardonable Sin?

There are some Christians who believe that suicide is an unpardonable sin, the logic being this: Suicide is self-murder, no...
Posted Sep 12, 2019

Dr. Brown, Benny Hinn, and the Prosperity Gospel

Posted Sep 11, 2019

No Easy Answers to the Problem of Suffering

It is one thing to give a theoretical answer to the problem of suffering that is intellectually satisfying. It is another to...
Posted Sep 03, 2019

Official Statement Concerning Allegations Against Todd Bentley

Dear friends in the Body of Christ,   Last month, a long list of serious charges against evangelist Todd Bentley was posted...
Posted Aug 30, 2019

The Right Way to Disagree with Spiritual Elders

I write these words as an elder in the Body, as a father in the faith, and as one who despises abusive and heavy-handed...
Posted Aug 27, 2019

Why Would a Good God Allow Evil to Exist?

Posted Aug 26, 2019

When It Comes to Dealing with Scandals, The Church Must Do Better Than the National Enquirer

The internet is burning up with news of yet another scandal in the church, this time with serious accusations against...
Posted Aug 24, 2019

The Issue Is How God Feels, Not How We Feel

I have often said the contrast between the contemporary American gospel and the biblical gospel is this: The contemporary...
Posted Aug 20, 2019

Writing Music to the Glory of God

Posted Aug 16, 2019

Does the Masoretic Text Teach 'Dominion Theology'?

Posted Aug 14, 2019

Christians, We Need to Install a Filter on Our Lips!

The psalmist once prayed, “Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips” (Ps. 141:3, NIV). It’s a...
Posted Aug 13, 2019

Did Jesus "Pay" For Our Sins?

Posted Aug 13, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein and the Truth of the Bible

The apparent suicide of disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein brought an end to one tragic chapter in his ugly and abusive...
Posted Aug 12, 2019

Reaching Out to a Hillsong Leader Who Is Renouncing His Faith

I just read the news that Marty Sampson, a popular Hillsong song writer, is leaving the faith. In his words, “I’m genuinely...
Posted Aug 11, 2019

Was There a Way for the Church to Avoid the Culture Wars?

Was there a different course the Church in America could have taken to avoid the culture wars? A way to focus on the gospel...
Posted Aug 07, 2019

Godly Advice for a New Teenage Believer

Posted Aug 06, 2019

When I Encountered the Spirit of Jezebel in India

I know this sounds crazy. I know my critics will howl. I can simply say that I experienced what I experienced, and if you...
Posted Jul 30, 2019

Can an Apostate Return to the Faith?

On the heels of the sad announcement that former pastor Josh Harris was separating from his wife comes an even sadder...
Posted Jul 29, 2019

Are Mega Churches Biblical?

Posted Jul 24, 2019

Don’t Kiss Marriage Goodbye

It was sad to see the news that Josh Harris, who became famous for his 1997 book I Kissed Dating Goodbye, has announced that...
Posted Jul 22, 2019

The Spiritual Realm Is Real

Posted Jul 19, 2019

Was Noah Actually an ALIEN?

Posted Jul 17, 2019

Did Sexual Sin Cause the Fall?

Posted Jul 17, 2019

Does Jesus Still Love You If You Have Sex Out of Wedlock?

The headline announced, “'Bachelorette' star sends contestant home after sex before marriage spat, feud spills into Twitter...
Posted Jul 16, 2019

What Evidence is there for the Miracles in the Bible?

Posted Jul 15, 2019

What is the Apocrypha?

Posted Jul 14, 2019

Being Sons of Issachar

Posted Jul 12, 2019

Bible Mistranslations Part 3 (Alma)

Posted Jul 12, 2019

Dr. Brown Differs with a Caller and Gives a Lesson on Sound Biblical Interpretation

Posted Jul 10, 2019

Is God Speaking through the CA Earthquakes?

Posted Jul 09, 2019

How to Engage with the Culture: Social Media

Posted Jul 05, 2019

Why Would God Need People to Worship Him?

Posted Jul 01, 2019

Are All Sins Equal?

Posted Jun 27, 2019

Dr. Michael Heiser: Mistranslations in the New World Translation (Jehovah Witness)

Posted Jun 26, 2019

Bill Johnson Addresses Sin, Grave Sucking and the Sneaky Blue Genie Controversy

Posted Jun 25, 2019

Does Hellfire Purify?

Posted Jun 25, 2019

Does the Blood of Jesus Cover Future Sins?

Posted Jun 24, 2019

Why Christians Should Not Smoke Pot

I want to share my own convictions as to why followers of Jesus should not smoke pot. I encourage you to consider them...
Posted Jun 14, 2019

Why Did God Leave the Words of David and Solomon in the Bible?

I was on the phone last week with Stream founder James Robison, when he broke down weeping as he shared God’s heart. His...
Posted Jun 04, 2019

Is Zechariah 13:6 a Messianic Prophecy?

Posted May 30, 2019

An Interview About Leonard Ravenhill and Revival

Posted May 30, 2019

Is God A Pagan Word?

Posted May 27, 2019

Levirate Marriage and the Genealogies of Jesus

Posted May 27, 2019

What is the Difference Between Logos and Rhema?

Posted May 23, 2019

Misrepresent and Demonize: The Weapon of ‘Progressive’ Christians

Last week, I encouraged Christian parents in California who had children in public schools to defy the law and pull their...
Posted May 23, 2019

On what day was Jesus crucified?

Posted May 22, 2019

Is Biblical Forgiveness Unconditional?

Posted May 19, 2019

Why I Feel Bad for the Hyper-Critics

We can learn a lot from criticism, even when it is hostile criticism. Perhaps the critic has a point? Perhaps we can be...
Posted May 05, 2019

Reflecting on the Death of a Progressive Christian

Rachel Held Evans, wife, mother, blogger, and influential Christian author, is dead at the age of 37. Although we never met...
Posted May 05, 2019

The Best is Yet to Come!

About 10-15 years ago, I was meeting with the staff of FIRE School of Ministry, sharing with them how excited I was. My wife...
Posted Apr 01, 2019

Some Serious Thoughts on the (All for Fun) Online Apologetics Tournament

It was Saturday night, March 23, when I discovered that some young apologists on Twitter had put together a March Madness,...
Posted Mar 29, 2019

What You Believe About Tomorrow Will Affect How You Live Today

There’s a lot of end-time speculation that is simply that: speculation. What year will Jesus return? Will the antichrist be...
Posted Mar 24, 2019

5 Reasons Christians Are Silent While the Innocent Suffer

It’s easy to look back at previous generations and pass judgment on them. “If I had been there in the days of slavery,” we...
Posted Mar 23, 2019

What is the State of the Church in America Today?

Posted Mar 20, 2019

Have Millions of Christians Been Misled About the Second Coming of Jesus?

We’ve heard it taught for years. Jesus is coming like a thief in the night, so be ready. He could come at any moment,...
Posted Feb 21, 2019

How Can We Be So Numb?

While in prayer earlier this week, I was reminded of a quote by Edward Payson (1787-1823), known as “Praying Payson of...
Posted Feb 15, 2019

Are Christian Leaders More Likely to Commit Sexual Sin?

Are Christian leaders more likely than others to engage in sexual misconduct? To the extent that they are truly Christian,...
Posted Feb 12, 2019

The World Is Getting Crazier, But That’s Why We Do What We Do

If you’re on the frontlines of the culture wars, it’s easy to get discouraged. Why bother? Why try to bail water from a...
Posted Feb 12, 2019

Justin Bieber Encourages Abstinence, But Not Everyone Is Pleased

In a very candid interview for Vogue, Justin Bieber explained that he abstained from sex for one year, wanting to get closer...
Posted Feb 10, 2019

10 Music Quotes to Rock Your World

As I write this article, the Grammy Awards are taking place, reminding us of the massive role music plays in our lives. That...
Posted Jan 29, 2019

“The Church Hurt Me”

*Special guest article* M. John Cava The plot has unfolded! The Church of over 700 million worldwide Believers has ganged up...
Posted Jan 22, 2019

The Scandalous Words of Jesus

I’ve been reading the Bible for the last 47 years, and I still haven’t found the verse that says, “If you follow Jesus, you...
Posted Jan 16, 2019

Dr Brown Debates Dr Dale Tuggy: Is the Father Alone the True God?

Posted Jan 15, 2019

Yes, Pastor Stanley Let’s Preach the Sermon on the Mount

Once again, Pastor Andy Stanley has sparked a major controversy in the Church by writing that, “The Ten Commandments are...
Posted Jan 13, 2019

Dr. Brown’s Opening Comments for Debate with Dr. Dale Tuggy January 11, 2019

Thanks so much for coming out tonight and for tuning in to our livestream, and thanks, Dr. Tuggy, for your comments, which I...
Posted Jan 08, 2019

Understanding Why Many Non-Christians Hate the Bible

Many Christians read the Quran (or, at least select quotes from the Quran) with abhorrence. “The God of the Quran is...
Posted Jan 05, 2019

The Absence of God Is the Big Issue

There’s a reason that the first openly bisexual senator did not take her oath on the Bible. There’s a reason that an atheist...
Posted Dec 31, 2018

God is Good, So Worship Him No Matter What

The dream I had was vivid and clear. A natural disaster had destroyed the church building in an impoverished nation where...
Posted Dec 26, 2018

Sudden Destruction Is Coming to the Whole World

The images are disturbing, unnerving. But they are real. All too real. A rock band is performing in Indonesia to the delight...
Posted Dec 24, 2018

Be Sure to Hug a Loved One This Holiday Season (A Tribute to Caleb Monticello)

He was only 23 years old when he was taken from us, so gifted and with such a heart to serve. Who saw this coming? He had...
Posted Dec 18, 2018

Debate: For Whom Did Christ Die?

Dr. Michael Brown debates Dr. Sonny Hernandez
Posted Dec 18, 2018

The Spiritual and Moral Bankruptcy of ‘Progressive’ Christianity

So-called “progressive” Christians love to bash conservative Christians. They call us dinosaurs. They mock us as outdated...
Posted Dec 12, 2018

Who Decided What Books Are in the Bible?

Watch the full broadcast here: https://bit.ly/2LhzMGk
Posted Dec 02, 2018

A Boxer’s Story of Redemption and Resurrection

As I write these words, Adonis Stevenson, a 41-year-old professional boxer (and longtime champion) lies in critical...
Posted Dec 01, 2018

When Believers Prefer to Spiritual Fantasy to Biblical Truth

Earlier this year, I spent a considerable amount of time with my team producing a video titled, “The Real Truth About the...
Posted Nov 29, 2018

Yet Again, a Major Hyper-Grace Error

Although the hyper-grace movement is not quite the rapidly spreading fad it was a few years back, it continues to entrench...
Posted Nov 22, 2018

Billy Graham’s Prescient Warning from 1962

Thanksgiving is one of the most special family times of the year. The roads are packed with travelers, and the airlines are...
Posted Nov 20, 2018

Where Was God When California Burned?

The magnitude of the recent California forest fires tragedy is staggering. As of this writing, the confirmed number of dead...
Posted Nov 18, 2018

I Identify as a Jesus-Follower Far More Than as an Older, White, Male, Conservative American

It’s true that I prefer the Republican Party platform to the Democratic Party platform, hands down. It’s true that I’m a...
Posted Nov 17, 2018

Preaching the Gospel Does Not Mean Abandoning the Culture

Let’s put politics aside for the moment and let’s just focus on the culture (although politics and culture certainly...
Posted Nov 10, 2018

Why Don’t More Pastors Speak Out on Moral and Cultural Issues?

Have you ever wondered why more pastors don’t speak out about controversial moral and cultural issues? Why it’s rare to hear...
Posted Nov 07, 2018

Why Don't More Pastors Speak Out?

Have you ever wondered why more pastors don’t speak out about controversial moral and cultural issues? In this 'Consider...
Posted Oct 26, 2018

Does America Need God to Be Moral?

I was looking today at a Pew Research poll from one year ago. It indicated that as America becomes less and less moral, “...
Posted Oct 24, 2018

Hold Fast to the Promises of God

Dr. Brown speaks about holding to the promises that God has spoken over your life. Tikkun America RESTORE Conference 2018
Posted Oct 22, 2018

Why Can’t You Be a Christian Witch?

If you can be a Christian rapper who frequents strip clubs or a Christian model who poses in scanty lingerie, why can’t you...
Posted Oct 11, 2018

You Don't Get the Martyr's Crown for Being Unfriended on Facebook

You Don't Get the Martyr's Crown for Being Unfriended on Facebook
Posted Oct 11, 2018

Dr. Michael Brown: Tongues, Prophecy and Healing

Dr. Brown discusses the miraculous gifts of the Spirit, answering questions and objections.
Posted Sep 26, 2018

Can We Trust the Bible?

Posted Sep 04, 2018

Did a Black Pastor Identify the Problem or is He Himself the Problem?

Depending on your perspective, you either loved or hated the message of a black pastor speaking at the funeral of Aretha...
Posted Sep 03, 2018

The Real Meaning of ‘On Earth as It Is in Heaven’

We’re all familiar with the words of Jesus when He instructed us to pray, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as...
Posted Aug 21, 2018

Are We All Suffering From ADHD?

There is a diagnosable condition called ADHD, because of which some people may “have trouble focusing their attention on a...
Posted Aug 14, 2018

Do Christians Really Want Pablum?

It’s true that the road to destruction is as broad as ever (Matthew 7:13-14). It’s true that many churchgoers are attracted...
Posted Aug 09, 2018

Can We See God And Live?

Posted Aug 02, 2018

Make Your Life Count for the Gospel

Posted Jul 30, 2018

The Revoice Conference and the Danger of a Big Theological Tent

Last week, a controversial conference was held in St. Louis with the goal of, “Supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay,...
Posted Jul 15, 2018

It’s 2018 and Shame Is Dead

A July 15 article on Hollywood Reporter, critiquing Sascha Baron Cohen’s new cable TV show, made this telling statement: “...
Posted Jul 15, 2018

Do You Want to Change the World? Go Back to the Gospel Basics

It’s really not that complicated. Human nature hasn’t change, nor has the nature of sin, nor has the antidote to sin, the...
Posted Jul 05, 2018

What Happens When We Fail to Warn

I heard a tragic story recently, some of the very bad fruit coming from Rob Bell’s book Love Wins. (This was Bell’s hell-...
Posted Jun 25, 2018

Dr. Brown Debates Dr. Theodore Zachariades on the Gifts of the Spirit

Friday, June 22, 2018 Filmed by Reforming America Ministries, June 22, 2018, all rights reserved.
Posted Jun 20, 2018

Replacement Theology: Dr. Michael Brown Debates Dr. Munther Isaac

This mini-debate took place on May 30th in Bethlehem at the Christ Checkpoint conference.
Posted Jun 18, 2018

Can You Be Gay and Christian?

Can you be gay and Christian? What does the Bible actually say? Did the biblical writers address loving, committed, same-sex...
Posted Jun 11, 2018

Evangelists, Private Jets, Generosity, and Stewardship

As followers of Jesus, how should we react to the news that Jesse Duplantis claims that God told him to buy a $54 million...
Posted Jun 09, 2018

Too Few Pastors Spoke Up. It’s the Real Reason We’re in This Mess Today

I don’t want to sound critical, and I’m not bitter or angry. But I am grieved. And burdened. So I will raise my voice like a...
Posted May 31, 2018

What I Learned at Christ at the Checkpoint

My time at the Christ at the Checkpoint (CATC) conference in Beit Jala, near Bethlehem, was both wonderful and terrible,...
Posted May 25, 2018

Detained for Hours by the Police As Men Spit on the Name of Jesus. My Day in Jerusalem

I’m writing from the quiet of my hotel room in Jerusalem at midnight, but today was anything but quiet. (If you’re impatient...
Posted May 22, 2018

An Invitation to God to Invade Our Schools

In light of the latest, tragic school massacre, I want to make a simple proposal. It was prompted by a phone conversation...
Posted May 21, 2018

WATCH: Expect Opposition

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures and looks at the pattern of opposition that comes with preaching the Gospel.
Posted May 20, 2018

Is Biblical Truth No Different Than the Yanny vs. Laurel Debate?

The Yanny vs. Laurel debate has taken the internet by storm. What did you hear when you heard the robot audio clip? As I...
Posted May 15, 2018

What Does it Mean to be 'Unequally Yoked'?

Posted May 13, 2018

Is GOD a a Misogynist?

Posted May 12, 2018

An Appeal to Holly Pivec and Prof. Doug Geivett to Separate Yourselves from the Hyper-Critics

In a response to my recent article “Dispelling the Myths About NAR (the New Apostolic Reformation),” Holly Pivec (on behalf...
Posted May 11, 2018

No, Pastor Stanley, We Should Not Unhitch Ourselves from the Old Testament

As followers of Jesus, should we “unhitch” ourselves from the Old Testament, as Pastor Andy Stanley recently claimed? God...
Posted May 10, 2018

The Bible Does Not Endorse Profanity

Dr. Brown unpacks why those who look to the scriptures for license to cuss and use profanity have no case.
Posted May 05, 2018

Glitzy Light Shows are Fine, but Jesus is Still More Than Enough

I have no problem with slick-looking worship bands and glitzy light shows. I have no problem with churches using the latest...
Posted May 03, 2018

Warren Marcus on his new book 'The Priestly Prayer of Blessing'

Posted Apr 30, 2018

Dispelling the Myths About NAR (the New Apostolic Reformation)

The warnings are dire indeed. “The world’s fastest growing sect of Christianity is not Christian at all. And chances are...
Posted Apr 30, 2018

Is Satan Omnipresent?

Posted Apr 27, 2018

What’s Stopping You?

Can I ask you a direct question? If you believe there are things God is calling you to do, what’s stopping you from doing...
Posted Apr 27, 2018

Dr. Brown Brings Clarity to the NAR Controversy

Excerpted from the April 23, 2018 Line of Fire broadcast.
Posted Apr 26, 2018

Let Freedom Ring!

On a Monday afternoon in early 2000, I spent several hours deeply gripped as I wrote a chapter titled, “‘Give Me Liberty or...
Posted Apr 25, 2018

Dr. Brown Addresses the Dangers of Destructive Criticism

Excerpted from the April 23, 2018 Line of Fire broadcast.
Posted Apr 23, 2018

When GQ is Long Forgotten, the Bible Will Still be Revered

The editors of GQ magazine recently released a list of “21 Books You Don’t Have to Read.” They also gave their...
Posted Apr 18, 2018

Misused Bible Verses Part 2

Posted Apr 18, 2018

The God of the Old Testament vs. the God of New

Dr. Brown answers the question as to whether the God of the Old Covenant is the same as the God of the New Covenant.
Posted Apr 16, 2018

The Beauty and Importance of Sabbath Rest

In the words of Abraham Joshua Heschel, the Sabbath is a “sanctuary in time.” As expressed in traditional Jewish prayer, the...
Posted Apr 14, 2018

Why Do We Have Such A Hard Time Praying?

Dr. Brown discusses the difficulty Christians have being consistent and committed to prayer.
Posted Apr 13, 2018

The Danger of Dividing the Gospel

Dr. Brown speaks with Dr. Joseph Mattera about his new book The Divided Gospel.
Posted Apr 13, 2018

Misused Bible Verses Part 1

Posted Apr 09, 2018

So Many Charismatic Casualties

Have you been burned by a false prophecy? Did you lose your faith when a promised healing never came? Have you had it with...
Posted Apr 06, 2018

Does the Bible Say Things Will Get Worse?

Posted Apr 06, 2018

Should We Name Names When Calling Out Error?

There are times when it is right to name names when calling out error and there are times when it is not right. How do we...
Posted Apr 05, 2018

Was the Bible Written by God or Men?

Posted Apr 03, 2018

Have We Made a Mess of the Greatest Holy Spirit Movement in History?

The Charismatic-Pentecostal movement finds itself at a critical juncture. On the one hand, our movement is arguably...
Posted Apr 01, 2018

It Is Settled. He Is Risen.

It does not matter how dark the day. It does not matter how hopeless the situation. It does not matter how bleak the...
Posted Mar 29, 2018

Who Separated Passover from Easter?

This year, as Christians celebrate Good Friday, Jews will be celebrating Passover. But most years, the two holidays are...
Posted Mar 19, 2018

C. Peter Wagner, NAR and "Dominionism"

Dr. Brown reads C. Peter Wagner's article describing NAR and unpacks the error of labeling all charismatics as part of the...
Posted Mar 19, 2018

The Real Truth About the Paleo Hebrew Script

Dr. Brown debunks the myth that the paleo-Hebrew script preserved original pictographic meanings.
Posted Mar 19, 2018

Does Your Life Make Sense in the Light of Eternity?

This past week, I turned 63 years old, the same age at which my father died suddenly in 1977. And although my health is...
Posted Mar 12, 2018

Will The Whole World Become Christian?

Posted Mar 12, 2018

Did God Harden Pharaoh's Heart?

Posted Mar 08, 2018

The Forgotten Words of Jesus

If you asked your average American today, especially a millennial, to repeat something Jesus taught, many would respond, “...
Posted Mar 07, 2018

Did God Create Sin?

Posted Mar 05, 2018

How Billy Graham Might Have Responded to George Will

To the surprise of many, conservative columnist George Will penned an unflattering article about Rev. Billy Graham after he...
Posted Mar 05, 2018

Billy Graham’s Dangerous Advice

In his tribute to his old friend Billy Graham, James Robison, publisher of the Stream, shared how one word of counsel from...
Posted Mar 02, 2018

What is Liberation Theology?

Posted Feb 27, 2018

The Religion of the World vs. the Religion of the Cross

I was participating in a Christian leadership forum this week when one of the leaders began to speak with passion,...
Posted Feb 23, 2018

Are 'Parachurch' Organizations Biblical?

Posted Feb 23, 2018

Dr. Brown Responds to Phil Johnson (Part 2)

Dr. Brown continues to interact with Phil Johnson’s Strange Fire message, finding serious problems with his methodology
Posted Feb 22, 2018

Why Billy Graham Was Different

What is it that stood out about Billy Graham? What made him so unique, that, with his passing, it’s clear we have no one to...
Posted Feb 21, 2018

Experiencing God Debate: Why Pastor MacArthur's View is Unbiblical

Dr. Brown contrasts his understanding of fellowship with God with that of Pastor MacArthur.
Posted Feb 05, 2018

Did God Help the Eagles Win the Super Bowl?

I was once heard the story of a father and son who were watching a boxing match. When the fight started, one of the boxers...
Posted Feb 01, 2018

Distorting The Gospel

Interview from 2011 with church planter Bryan Purtle. In this interview Dr. Brown and Bryan Purtle discuss Marcionism, John...
Posted Jan 25, 2018

'Dangerous' Dr. Brown Responds to Todd Friel and Phil Johnson

Dr. Brown offers a constructive response to some of his critics
Posted Jan 12, 2018

Two Christian Leaders Have Branded Me Dangerous. Here’s My Response

In a remarkable interview on “Too Wretched for Radio,” Todd Friel and Phil Johnson branded me “dangerous,” called me “sub-...
Posted Jan 04, 2018

Science Confirms: Moderate Religion Declining While Intense Religion Thrives

Hardly a day goes by without someone reminding those of us who are conservative, Bible-believing, followers of Jesus that we...
Posted Jan 03, 2018

Should Followers of Jesus Cast Out Demons?

Posted Jan 03, 2018

Fear Not: The Faith of the Faithful Stands Firm

Hardly a day goes by without someone reminding those of us who are conservative, Bible-believing, followers of Jesus that we...
Posted Dec 20, 2017

The Rest of Justin Bieber’s Gospel Message

I am thrilled that Justin Bieber has pointed his 95 million Instagram followers to Jesus, and I truly hope that he is...
Posted Dec 11, 2017

What is a "Biblical Worldview"?

For more video commentaries, articles, and radio broadcasts go to AskDrBrown.org.
Posted Dec 11, 2017

Are Women Nothing More than Sexual Objects?

If an attractive young woman walks down the street wearing lewd, revealing clothing, that does not give anyone the right to...
Posted Dec 02, 2017

An Open Appeal to the Leaders of Christ at the Checkpoint

My dear brothers, I remain committed to speaking at your conference next May in Bethlehem regardless of how you respond to...
Posted Nov 30, 2017

Does God Predestine People to Hell?

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures.
Posted Nov 27, 2017

Learning from David Cassidy’s Last Words

Shortly after entertainer David Cassidy passed away at the age of 67, his daughter Katie revealed the last words he spoke...
Posted Nov 25, 2017

Are There Things God Cannot Do?

The Bible says that “with God, all things are possible” - but are there things that God can't do?
Posted Nov 23, 2017

A Wonderful Call from a Buddhist Seeker

Dr. Brown speaks with Lucas from Seattle
Posted Nov 23, 2017

The Destructive Power of Grumbling and Complaining

A thankful life is a clean, blessed, expansive life. A complaining life is a stifling, negative, constricting life. Which...
Posted Nov 21, 2017

Other "gods", Aliens, Nephilim and the Paranormal

Dr. Brown interviews Dr. Michael Heiser and they discuss some out of the ordinary topics.
Posted Nov 21, 2017

Charles Manson: The Making of a Monster

What may have contributed to the evil of Charles Manson?
Posted Nov 20, 2017

Charles Manson: The Making of a Monster

It’s possible that, in the best of circumstances, Charles Manson would have turned out to be an evil, demented cult leader...
Posted Nov 16, 2017

An 11-Year-Old Caller Wants to Be Sure He Is Saved

Dr. Brown speaks with 11-year-old caller James.
Posted Nov 16, 2017

Who are the 144,000 in the Book of Revelation?

Dr. Brown looks at Revelation 7:4
Posted Nov 07, 2017

The Pastor Preached on Heaven One Sunday Before the Massacre

Dr. Brown shares the content of Pastor Frank Pomeroy’s sermon one week before the massacre in his church.
Posted Nov 07, 2017

A Time to Mourn

Responding to the horrific tragedy in Sutherland Springs, Texas
Posted Nov 04, 2017

Is It Time for a New Jesus Movement Among Jewish Millennials?

When I came to faith in Jesus in 1971 as a heroin-shooting, LSD-using, 16-year-old, Jewish, hippie rock drummer, I had no...
Posted Nov 03, 2017

What is the Passion Translation of the Bible?

A caller asks Dr. Brown about the Passion translation and its usage in the Charismatic church.
Posted Nov 03, 2017

An Open Letter to Dan Brown

Dear Dan, Before getting into the heart of this letter, as a non-fiction author myself, I am amazed at your gift for writing...
Posted Nov 01, 2017

10 Theses for a New Reformation

In every generation, the Church takes some steps forward and some steps backward. Some old truths are rediscovered but other...
Posted Oct 31, 2017

Martin Luther's Lesson For Our Lives

Dr. Brown weighs in on Martin Luther and what we can learn from his life.
Posted Oct 28, 2017

Does the Bible Teach Corporal Punishment?

Posted Oct 27, 2017

Why Are Young People Leaving Church in America?

Dr. Brown discusses the increasing exodus of American young people from church with Melanie Tomczak.
Posted Oct 23, 2017

From Believing in God to Believing in Everything Else

G. K. Chesterton once said, “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing— they believe in anything.”...
Posted Oct 17, 2017

Why Are We So Discouraged?

It happened once again. After I spoke to a substantial crowd on themes from my new book Saving a Sick America, people lined...
Posted Oct 08, 2017

The Salt Needs to Get Salty Again

As I’ve been doing interviews on Saving a Sick America, the same question comes up over and again: What role does the Church...
Posted Oct 04, 2017

How Do You Reconcile Belief in God with Science?

Dr. Brown takes a closer look at the common assumption that science and faith are irreconcilable.
Posted Sep 30, 2017

Should Christians Send Their Kids to College?

Mission field or minefield?
Posted Sep 29, 2017

Called a Pervert for Calling for Purity

As soon as I heard that Hugh Hefner had died Wednesday night, I recorded a four-minute video for Facebook, then penned an...
Posted Sep 28, 2017

The Death of Hugh Hefner and the End of the Sexual Revolution

Hugh Hefner has died at the age of 91. I hope he found grace and repentance before leaving this world. I also hope that his...
Posted Sep 27, 2017

Dear Pastor, Are You a Shepherd or a Hireling?

There are countless thousands of outstanding Christian leaders in America today, men and women of sacrifice and courage and...
Posted Sep 24, 2017

What Jesus Really Meant When He Spoke of the ‘Days of Noah’

Have you heard this before? “We know that the last days will be wicked. Very wicked. Just like the days of Noah. That’s what...
Posted Sep 24, 2017

It’s September 24th and the World Didn’t Come to an End. Now What?

Now that the latest date for the Second Coming and/or end of the world has come and gone, we need to ask ourselves some...
Posted Sep 22, 2017

No, God Did Not Prescribe the Use of Cannabis in the Bible

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, a pastor calls your radio show asking how to respond to a congregant who claims...
Posted Sep 21, 2017

Jesus Smashes the Gospel of Self-Esteem

One of the cruelest things we can do during a time of great human suffering is to suggest that those who are the most...
Posted Sep 19, 2017

Tim Tebow and the 3:16 Miracle

I have no problem believing God does things like this.
Posted Sep 18, 2017

Why Wasn’t Nabeel Qureshi Healed?

Right now, as many believers mourn the loss of our beloved brother Nabeel Qureshi, his precious wife and daughter, along...
Posted Sep 17, 2017

Sorry to Tell You, But Jesus Is Not Returning on September 23

Yes, it would be wonderful if Jesus returned for His people next week, but it’s not going to happen. Count on it. The Second...
Posted Sep 16, 2017

Why I Never Drink Alcohol

Forty-six years ago, in 1971, the Lord graciously saved me from a life from sinful destruction, which included very serious...
Posted Sep 14, 2017

What Is Your Theological Beef with Dr. Brown?

Dr. Brown will do his best to respond once to each person commenting here until October 15, 2017.
Posted Sep 13, 2017

Did Jesus Claim to be God?

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures.
Posted Sep 12, 2017

Biblical Scholar Refutes Pre-Trib Rapture

Dr. Brown discusses the relevant scriptures dealing with pre-tribulation theology with friend and colleague Dr. Craig...
Posted Sep 09, 2017

Should We Maintain Gender Distinctions?

Dr. Brown answers the question: "Why is it so important that we maintain gender distinctions?
Posted Sep 08, 2017

Hearing God’s Voice in the Midst of the Storm

As I write these words from the safety of my home, with the weather outside beautiful and calm, people in other parts of...
Posted Sep 06, 2017

Actually, It’s the Religious Left That’s Dying

No sooner had the Nashville Statement on biblical sexuality been issued then we began to hear a common refrain from the left...
Posted Sep 04, 2017

Will There Be A Third Temple?

Dr. Brown works through the scriptures concerning a future temple in Jerusalem.
Posted Sep 04, 2017

Should Believers Celebrate Halloween?

Is Halloween wrong or evil?
Posted Aug 31, 2017

Rebuilding the Altar

Dr. Brown interviews Pat and Karen Schatzline, authors of 'Rebuilding the Altar. Powerful insights to stir your heart...
Posted Aug 28, 2017

Hurricanes, Solar Eclipses, and Divine Judgment

In the course of one short week, America witnessed an extremely unique solar eclipse and then watched the state of Texas get...
Posted Aug 25, 2017

Where was God? (Holocaust)

Dr. Brown tackles an agonizingly difficult question.
Posted Aug 22, 2017

Why Are We Attacking Our Own Family?

Jesus Himself prayed for our unity
Posted Aug 21, 2017

Is Jesus Just a Copy of the Pagan Gods?

Dr. Brown refutes the notion that the Jesus is a copy of pagan gods.
Posted Aug 20, 2017

King James Translators Refute KJV Onlyism

Dr. Brown takes a look at the preface to the KJV Bible, further exposing the error of KJV Onlyism.
Posted Aug 18, 2017

Former KKK Grand Dragon Now Pastor's Historic Black Church

Dr. Brown interviews Richard Harris, author of One Nation Under Curse, and discusses his journey from KKK Grand Dragon to...
Posted Aug 15, 2017

Please! As Followers of Jesus We Can Do Better

In the aftermath of the Charlottesville tragedy, what grieves me the most is that so much of the church sounds just like the...
Posted Aug 14, 2017

In The Midst Of Chaos Renew Yourself In God

Dr. Brown gives a quick exhortation to unplug from the swirling controversies and turmoil and plug into God for renewal,...
Posted Aug 12, 2017

What is the Mark of Cain?

What can we make of Genesis 4:15?
Posted Aug 11, 2017

God’s Victory in the Midst of Persecution

Dr. Brown talks with Yesupadam and his wife Monika and we hear about what God is doing around the world and the growing...
Posted Aug 08, 2017

Old Testament vs. New Testament Prophets

How are they different? What are their similarities?
Posted Aug 02, 2017

Dr Brown Refutes 'King James Only'

Dr. Brown share some pros and cons about the most influential English translation of the Bible
Posted Aug 02, 2017

Do Babies Who Die go to Heaven?

What does the Bible say?
Posted Jul 31, 2017

Do New DNA Discoveries Really Disprove the Bible?

There was a spate of headlines last week claiming that new scientific discoveries disproved the historical narrative of the...
Posted Jul 27, 2017

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Do riches and fame bring contentment?
Posted Jul 26, 2017

Violent Atheist Turned Christian Speaks About Islam

Dr. Brown speaks with David Wood about his conversion from atheism, his journey from jail to Ph.D., and his debates with...
Posted Jul 21, 2017

The Day I Got Excommunicated and Also Called ‘Lulu’!

I imagine the brother who did this was sincere, but he could hardly have been more misguided. It also looks like he failed...
Posted Jul 19, 2017

Is it God's Will for Every Sick Person to be Healed?

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures.
Posted Jul 19, 2017

Another Hyper-Grace Teacher Bites the Dust

I was sad to see the announcement but not surprised, as yet another hyper-grace teacher took a giant step towards apostasy....
Posted Jul 18, 2017

A Muslim Missionary Weighs in on James Whites Interfaith Dialogue

Dr. Brown asks a missionary to the Middle East what he thought of Dr. James White's recent interfaith dialogue with Muslim...
Posted Jul 18, 2017

Jesus Heals Severely Burned Muslim Woman

In this riveting interview, missionaries from Iraq share powerful testimonies of Muslims coming to faith!
Posted Jul 15, 2017

How Do We Know The Bible Has Not Been Changed?

Dr. Brown addresses one of the most common objections to the Bible.
Posted Jul 14, 2017

Should We Use Eugene Peterson’s The Message?

In the aftermath of Eugene Peterson’s controversial remarks about homosexuality, followed by his retraction, many have asked...
Posted Jul 13, 2017

God’s Solution to the Health Care Crisis

Does the Word of God have something to say about this?
Posted Jul 13, 2017

From ‘Lassie to ‘Game of Thrones’: What Has Become of America?

America was very far from perfect in the early 1960s. In much of the nation segregation was the law of the land and women...
Posted Jul 12, 2017

When the Church Ruled by the Sword

Last month, I stated that the essential difference between Christianity and Islam was the difference between Jesus and...
Posted Jul 11, 2017

Did Spiritual Gifts Cease with the Completion of the Canon?

Is cessationism Biblical?
Posted Jul 05, 2017

Are 'Discernment Ministries' Biblical?

In the same way you judge others, you will be judged.
Posted Jul 04, 2017

Are Jews Who Follow Jesus Still Jewish?

Do Jews who follow Jesus convert to Christianity? Dr. Brown explains.
Posted Jul 03, 2017

Has America Passed the Point of No Return?

Is it too late for America? Are the nation’s best days behind us? Can our sickly country be saved? On July 1, 2016,...
Posted Jul 02, 2017

Ex-Lesbian Finds New Life In Christ and A Lesson To The Church

Caller shares her testimony of coming out of homosexuality through Jesus and her experience in the church.
Posted Jun 29, 2017

Why the Hysterical Attack on James White for His Interfaith Dialogue?

One of the greatest needs in the Church today is for a stronger Christian witness in the Muslim world. Even here in America...
Posted Jun 29, 2017

Ramming the Ten Commandments: A Prophetic Picture of America

It was the act of only one man who drove his vehicle into a Ten Commandments monument in Arkansas, but it reflected the...
Posted Jun 27, 2017

An Open Letter to Katy Perry

Dear Katy, I’m truly sorry you’ve been experiencing so much internal pain, and I agree with you that the thing that has...
Posted Jun 26, 2017

How Do We Approach The Shack?

Dr. Brown talks with a caller about how believers should approach the movie the Shack.
Posted Jun 14, 2017

The True Meaning of El Shaddai

Dr. Brown discusses the meaning of El Shaddai and dispels some myths.
Posted Jun 13, 2017

Do All Believers Have Guardian Angels?

Is this just a popular myth?
Posted Jun 12, 2017

‘Love One Another As I Have Loved You’

Although I’ve read the words many times before and could easily quote them from memory, I was staggered the last time I read...
Posted Jun 12, 2017

How can I be 'Born Again'?

What did Jesus mean when He said we must be born again?
Posted Jun 11, 2017

The Book Cults Don't Want You To Read

Dr. Brown interviews Mark Stengler Sr. and Mark Stengler Jr. about their important new book CultShock.
Posted Jun 05, 2017

Is the Bible Infallible?

Dr. Brown explores the question and explains why he believes the Bible is God's reliable Word.
Posted May 31, 2017

Why Are There So Many Denominations?

Do denominations exist due to division or distinction?
Posted May 31, 2017

Does Manchester Need a Concert with Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry?

I assume the performers mean well. I assume they intend their concert to be an act of redemption and healing for the people...
Posted May 29, 2017

Thoughts on Life Before Death

I once saw an interview with Groucho Marx, who at that time was in his 80’s. He was asked, “Do you believe in life after...
Posted May 27, 2017

Faith vs. Works?

How are we justified in God's sight? Dr. Brown delves into the Scriptures.
Posted May 21, 2017

What is the Doctrine of Demons?

When Paul wrote about the “doctrine of demons,” was he referring to one specific doctrine or was it a general statement?
Posted May 16, 2017

Ellen Degeneres and a Lesson for Believers

Dr. Brown addresses comments about 'tolerance' recently made by Ellen Degeneres
Posted May 15, 2017

Sharing Some Internet Challenges

The internet has given us worldwide, instant, connectivity, which is wonderful. But there are lots of downsides that come...
Posted May 12, 2017

The Man Who Was Beheaded the Day He Became a Believer

Most of us are familiar with the story of the 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt who held fast to their faith and were beheaded...
Posted May 11, 2017

A Secular Rapper Calls Out American Pastors

Secular Rapper Kendrick Lamar urges pastors to get back to preaching that the Lord is a jealous God of “discipline and...
Posted May 10, 2017

Is Miley Cyrus the Role Model for Your Kids?

Some thoughts for Miley Cyrus, her followers, and her followers parents.
Posted May 09, 2017

Do Animals go to Heaven?

Does the Bible address this question?
Posted May 08, 2017

A Secular Rapper Calls American Pastors to Account

You know we’re in trouble when a secular rapper urges pastors to get back to preaching that the Lord is a jealous God of “...
Posted May 07, 2017

Cohabitation Is the New Normal

Dr. Brown reflects on the state of America today in light of comments made by Democratic political candidate Jon Ossoff
Posted May 03, 2017

My Encouragement to a Discouraged Christian

Recently, a committed Christian wrote to me about how he was feeling in the midst of the culture wars. Things look very bad...
Posted May 02, 2017

Former Jehovah's Witness Explains Why He Left

Dr. Brown speaks with a caller who recently left the Jehovah's Witnesses.
Posted May 01, 2017

A Huffington Post Humanist Urges the Church to Stop Using the Bible as a Moral Guide

It’s one thing when a humanist attacks the Bible. That’s expected. It’s another thing when a humanist attacks a Christian...
Posted Apr 27, 2017

Salvation and Social Action Go Hand in Hand

Dr. Brown explains why he does not believe there is a conflict between preaching the gospel of salvation and being involved...
Posted Apr 21, 2017

What is the Best English Bible Translation?

Is there one English translation of the Bible that is the best? Dr. Brown weighs in.
Posted Apr 19, 2017

The ‘Trans’ That God Really Cares About

Hardly a day goes by where we don’t hear about “trans” – as in transgender. Whether it’s a trans child or a trans celebrity...
Posted Apr 18, 2017

Is the Rapture Biblical?

Does the Bible teach a pre-tribulation rapture of the church?
Posted Apr 07, 2017

Praying to Jesus?

Should Christians direct their prayers to Jesus, to the Father, to both, or does it matter?
Posted Apr 03, 2017

What is the Mark of the Beast?

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures.
Posted Mar 27, 2017

Is there a Difference between Addiction and Sin?

Dr. Brown opens up the scriptures.
Posted Mar 23, 2017

Can Apostates Repent and Return to God?

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures.
Posted Mar 20, 2017

Don’t Put Your Light Under a Basket!

Whenever I hear Christian leaders talk about the inevitable collapse of the church of America (or elsewhere) I ask myself, “...
Posted Mar 13, 2017

How far does Submission to our Spiritual Leaders go?

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures.
Posted Mar 09, 2017

When Hyper-Grace Teachers Literally Rewrite the Bible

It is one thing for a teacher or preacher to underemphasize a biblical theme. That’s bad enough. It’s another thing entirely...
Posted Mar 09, 2017

When should a Christian be Disfellowshipped?

Dr. Brown opens up the Scriptures.
Posted Mar 07, 2017

Is It Possible to Lose Your Salvation?

The modern grace message would tell us that,  as believers in Jesus, nothing that we do (or do not do) can ever change our...
Posted Mar 04, 2017

What Is The Fear of the Lord?

Dr. Brown opens up the scriptures and looks at what is the 'Fear of the Lord' and how it benefits believers.
Posted Feb 27, 2017

Does the Bible call Christian Leaders to be Celibate?

Dr. Brown opens up the scriptures and looks at verses often used to teach 'Clerical celibacy'.
Posted Feb 21, 2017

DEBATE: Does Same-Sex “Marriage” Lead to a Slippery Marriage Slope?

Dr. Brown debates atheist Justin Schieber about whether same-sex “marriage” leads to a slippery marriage slope.
Posted Feb 20, 2017

Was Jesus Politically Correct?

Jesus shows us how to care about people and be faithful to God no matter what the cost or consequence.
Posted Feb 20, 2017

Religious Liberties Under Attack

Dr. Brown gets an update from Barronelle Stutzman and her attorney Kristen Waggoner regarding her being found guilty of...
Posted Feb 15, 2017

Can A Christian Be Demon Possessed?

**ASKDrBrown is made possible by your support: https://askdrbrown.org/donate/
Posted Feb 11, 2017

Can Prayer Change God's Mind?

Does God ever change His mind, and can prayer influence His decisions?
Posted Feb 06, 2017

Once Saved Always Saved?

Is the doctrine of “once saved, always saved” true?
Posted Feb 01, 2017

Is It Christian to Hate Muslims?

Dr. Brown exhorts a caller to love his Muslim neighbor.
Posted Jan 14, 2017

What Happens After I Die?

Do believers go immediately into God’s presence at death, or into a soul sleep until the resurrection?
Posted Jan 03, 2017

Dr. Brown Speaks with Larry Tomczak about Sexual Purity

Is masturbation sinful? Is it possible to walk in sexual purity? Dr. Brown discusses the issues with Larry Tomczak
Posted Jan 01, 2017

7 Things You Can Do to Make 2017 Better for Yourself and Everyone Else

The reason we make major New Year’s resolutions is because we’re fed up with the way we’re living and we want to make...
Posted Jan 01, 2017

Is Everything that Happens God’s Will?

It is clear from the Bible that God preordains some things, but does He preordain all things?
Posted Dec 29, 2016

Are the 10 Commandments for Today?

Specifically, is Jesus mandating the 10 commandments in John 14:15?
Posted Nov 21, 2016

Is Great Faith a Gift from God or Can We Grow in Our Faith?

Is each believer assigned a certain measure of faith, or can we grow in faith and develop our faith?
Posted Nov 01, 2016

Is Unbelief a Sin?

The Bible teaches plainly that unbelievers are under God’s judgment. Does that mean it’s a sin to experience unbelief?
Posted Oct 27, 2016

God's True Love

Dr. Brown Interviews Pastor David Harwood on the Love of God.
Posted Oct 27, 2016

Dr. Brown Answers Questions about the New Apostolic Reformation, Pastor Bill Johnson, and More

Dr. Brown takes calls from listeners who raise their concerns about the “NAR” (New Apostolic Reformation”, Pastor Bill...
Posted Oct 26, 2016

How Should We Define Holiness

On my newest teaching video, I answer the question: What, exactly, does the Bible mean when it speaks of holiness and being...
Posted Oct 20, 2016

Sinners or Saints?

According to the New Testament, should followers of Jesus view themselves as sinners or saints?
Posted Oct 20, 2016

Messianic Insights from the Book of Jeremiah

Dr. Brown discusses parallels in the interpretation of Messianic prophecy and the prophecies of the return from Babylonian...
Posted Oct 14, 2016

People of God, Let Us Change the World Rather Than Be Changed by the World

In front of our eyes, America is descending into vulgarity, lewdness, crudeness, and profanity. In front of our eyes, things...
Posted Sep 26, 2016

Why Should We Study The Bible?

Posted Sep 26, 2016

Do All the Words of Jesus Apply to Us Today?

Posted Sep 13, 2016

What Does Turn the Other Cheek Mean

What did Jesus mean when He instructed not to “resist evil” but to “turn the other check” when someone slaps us in the face...
Posted Sep 09, 2016

What Does It Mean to “Pray Through”?

We sometimes hear the expression “praying through,” but what does this mean and how do we do it?
Posted Sep 06, 2016

Is America in the Bible?

Is America specifically mentioned in the Bible? And when the Scriptures speak of “all nations” attacking Jerusalem, does...
Posted Sep 01, 2016

Is Jerusalem Babylon the Great?

Dr. Brown refutes Dr. Joel McDurmon's assertion that Jerusalem is Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots. He also addresses...
Posted Aug 30, 2016

At What Point Do We Brand Something Heresy?

When do we agree to differ with one another as believers, and when do we brand something heresy?
Posted Aug 26, 2016

Is it Biblical to Hate?

Jesus taught us to love our enemies, yet other scriptures seem to point to what could be called a “holy hatred.” How do we...
Posted Aug 16, 2016

If We Love Jesus We Will Keep His Commandments

In a January, 2015 interview in GQ magazine, basketball superstar Kevin Durant talked about his personal spiritual...
Posted Apr 29, 2016

It's A Costly Thing To Follow Jesus

Dr. Brown speaking at World Revival Church!
Posted Mar 25, 2016


What did Jesus mean when He uttered the words “It is finished!” in John 19:30? The phrase actually translates one word in...
Posted Feb 29, 2016

Confronting a Dangerous End-Time Mentality

I hear it all the time, and as quickly as I hear it, I reject it. It is a paralyzing, destructive mentality, and it is...
Posted Feb 11, 2016

A Call to Courage

Dr. Brown speaks at a leadership conference at the Rock Family Worship Center in Huntsville, AL (Pastor Rusty Nelson),...
Posted Feb 11, 2016

You Will Be Tested by the Vision

Dr. Brown speaks at a leadership conference at the Rock Family Worship Center in Huntsville, AL (Pastor Rusty Nelson),...
Posted Dec 29, 2015


In January of this year, I wrote that 2015 would be a year of pushback, and throughout this year, we have seen how God’s...
Posted Dec 22, 2015

Principle #8 Be Determined to Write the Last Chapter of the Book

This is the 8th and final principle of Outlasting the Gay Revolution. Our vision is for the long haul, not the short haul...
Posted Dec 11, 2015

7 Lessons From the World's Fastest-Growing Congregation

In 1995, God began to speak to a young leader in Hyderabad, India, named Satish Kumar, telling him that he would have a very...
Posted Nov 16, 2015

Principle #7 Factor in the God Factor

This is principle #7 in Dr. Brown's book Outlasting the Gay Revolution, pointing to God's nation-changing power in...
Posted Nov 10, 2015

They Hate Us Because They Hate God

Although I've known this for decades, a couple of Facebook posts this week reminded me of the fact that the world hates us...
Posted Nov 06, 2015

Principle #6 Keep Propogating the Truth Until the Lies Are Dispelled

Dr. Brown addresses some of the main lies and exaggerations that have fueled the fires of gay activism in Principle #6 of...
Posted Nov 02, 2015

A Warning to Shepherds Who Mislead the Sheep

Some of the strongest warnings in the Bible are directed to leaders who mislead God's people, to prophets and priests and...
Posted Oct 23, 2015

Principle #5 Celebrate Gender Distinctions

This is the fifth principle in Outlasting the Gay Revolution, explaining why it is so essential for gender distinctions...
Posted Oct 18, 2015

Principle #4 Refuse to Redefine Marriage

Dr. Brown explains how redefining marriage renders it meaningless, because of which he calls on committed followers of...
Posted Oct 15, 2015

Principle #3 Sexual Purity Trumps Sexual Anarchy

This is Principle #3 of Outlasting the Gay Revolution, where Dr. Brown places America's embrace of homosexuality into the...
Posted Oct 05, 2015

Principle #1: Never Compromise Your Convictions

Dr. Brown explains the first of eight principles in his new book Outlasting the Gay Revolution.
Posted Sep 16, 2015

Be a better hater … of evil

We all know that love is a great theme throughout the entire Bible, with some of the most famous verses focusing on this...
Posted Aug 28, 2015

Love Warns

"Love wins." It was the name of Rob Bell's poorly conceived book about hell and future judgment, and it was the content of...
Posted Aug 20, 2015

5 Lessons From the Hacking of Adultery Website Ashley Madison

After making threats for weeks, anonymous hackers have released the private information of millions of users of the Ashley...
If we say one thing and do another, we lose our moral credibility. (Flickr/Creative Commons) Posted Aug 03, 2015

The Right Way to Deal With Hypocrisy in the Church

Without a doubt, we have hurt our witness to the world with our hypocrisy, thereby undercutting our moral and spiritual...
Posted Jun 23, 2015

4 Things Black Americans Can Teach White Americans About Faith

As a white, Jewish American (and committed follower of Jesus), I have learned much from my black brothers and sisters, among...
Posted Jun 08, 2015

God's Answer to the Moral Insanity of the World

What is God's answer to the moral insanity of the world? Jesus the Messiah, crucified and risen. Jesus the Messiah, the Lord...
Posted Feb 09, 2015

Pastors, Preach on the Coming Judgment

What is the greatest moral crisis in America today? Is it sexual anarchy? Abortion? Human trafficking? Substance abuse?...
Posted Oct 07, 2014

Are The Things You're Living For, Worth Christ Dying For?

Trinity Christian Centre (Singapore) 09/21/14
Posted Aug 28, 2014

Words of Inspiration and Encouragement from a Blind Pastor

Dr. Brown speaks with Pastor Chuk from Nigeria, now serving as a pastor in Boston. You will be greatly encouraged by his...
Posted Jul 05, 2014

Keith Green Challenges Us to Radical Devotion to Jesus

Keith Green challenge us to live a life of radical devotion to Jesus.
Posted Feb 03, 2014

A Message From the Super Bowl: Why Not Us?

There were some very special words spoken by quarterback Russell Wilson after his team’s emphatic win in Super Bowl XLVIII,...
Posted Jan 14, 2014

Dr. Brown Responds to John MacArthur & Todd Friel on Charismatic Worship

Dr. Brown responded to clips from the Strange Fire conference that disparaged forms of charismatic worship, even claiming it...
Posted Nov 18, 2013

10 Quotes to Rock Your World

Over the years, I have committed to memory numerous quotes that have stirred my heart and impacted my life, and in the days...
Posted Nov 14, 2013

10 More Quotes to Set Your Heart Ablaze

Quite a few readers of my recent article “10 Quotes to Rock Your World” urged me to keep the quotes coming. Here, then, are...
Posted Sep 05, 2013

Did God Put Us Here to Have Fun?

I write these words on the eve of the traditional Jewish New Year—a time of introspection, soul-searching and repentance for...
Posted May 17, 2013


One of the questions I’m always asked — and a question I always ask myself — is, “What next?” In other words, “My heart is...
Posted May 15, 2013

Shouldn't Grace Make Us Nice?

You can learn a lot of things on Facebook in terms of “Christian” interaction, and unfortunately, much of it is anything but...
Posted Mar 12, 2013

A Compromised Gospel Produces Compromised Fruit

"The dawning of the 21st century finds the church of America in a moral and spiritual crisis. Decades of self-centered...
Posted Mar 06, 2013

7 Biblical Principles For World Changers

The Bible is not only the world’s most widely distributed book (by the billions), it is also the world’s most widely banned...
Posted Jan 17, 2013

How Can I Regain My First Love?

I believe Jesus gives us the three crucial steps we must take in order to recover our first love. Listen to His words to the...
Posted Jul 04, 2004

Apalling Grace: A Response to Mark Galli’s “The Scandal of the Public Evangelical”

Appalling grace, how bleak the sound, that teased a wretch like me. I still am lost, though almost found, am bound and still...